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Ali Cihan is a London based film maker. He has worked in film and television since 1997.
He worked as a Clapper Loader and then as a Focus Puller on many commercials, feature films, pop promos and television dramas.
As a Focus Puller and Camera Opt. he has been involved in television and TV commercials for clients that include Ford, Fiat, Mc Donald's, Vodafone, Turkish Airlines, Opet, Aygaz, Turkcell, BP, Beko, Arçelik, Mercedes, Volkswagen, BMW, Jeep..
His previous feature films and short films have won awards.

Ali Cihan, enjoys working collaboratively with film directors to establish the visual look of a film or drama in order to help tell the story through the artistic vision and technical decisions regarding lighting,film stock, shot selection, camera operation and other elements.
Ali enjoys leading his crew and has shot with Digital Cinema Cameras, 35mm & 16 mm Cameras, spherical & anamorphic lenses and Stabilisers Systems: Rusian Arm, MoVI, Ronin, Shot Over, Flight Head, Tyler Mounts .

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